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We are open between 8:30am and 6:00pm weekdays. Telephone: 01803 553558

Our aim is to do today's work today.

When you call to make an appointment you will be offered one on the day if there is one available. The majority of patients like this system because they can see a doctor when they need to. However, we know that some patients need to be able to book ahead so we also have a proportion of appointments that can be booked in advance. We only book up to 1 week ahead for the GP and up to 4 weeks ahead for the Nurse and Health Care Assistant. We cannot guarantee one of these appointments will be available, but you can always be seen on the day. If there are no appointments left for that day, you will be offered the chance to come to our walk in surgery at 5.30pm.

If you wish to speak to one of our doctors, we can ask a GP to phone you back and we will give you an estimate of when that will be. We cannot give a specific time.

We endeavour to provide an appointments system to cater for all needs.

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