Doctors Corner

When I trained as a medical student, I spent only 2 weeks of my 5 years in General practice to gain my first experience of what was to become my life’s career. Following qualification there was then 12 months as a junior houseman, then 3 years rotating around posts in paediatrics, obstetrics, casualty etc gaining the various diplomas on the way. It was only after this that I started work in a general practice for a year to learn the ropes before beginning at Pembroke House Surgery.

How different it is today. General practice training is seen to be a much more important part of the experience of the medical student, and in the Peninsular Medical School it is placed at important parts of their clinical work.

If we are to encourage young doctors to see general practice as a career it is important that they have the opportunity to see the work we do. During the next few months we shall be hosting a medical student in the practice, giving him or her, the chance to see at first hand how a busy practice works. Indeed, the students are at a stage when they will be doing some of the work, seeing patients and carrying out some duties under the supervision of the doctors.

While the whole practice team of doctors, nurses and admin staff will be supporting the student, Drs Howitt and Hunt will be the main teachers.

Many of you will have the chance to meet the students and help them learn. From time to time we will ask you to see one of them as patients before seeing your the doctor.

My experiences so far at Pembroke House Surgery

I am a final year medical student who is spending 5 weeks at Pembroke House Surgery as part of my training. So far I have been with the practice for 2 weeks, and have had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Not only have I been able to watch the doctors and nurses running their own clinics, but I have also had the opportunity to run my own surgeries (with supervision from the doctors of course!). This is a really valuable learning experience, as it is a chance for me to develop my own consultation skills, and at the same time learn about a wide variety of medical problems.

Everyone here is very hard working, and together they form a closely knit team of professionals, which I have been made to feel a welcome part of. I only hope to enjoy the coming weeks as much as I have the last two!

Thanks to everyone for having me.

James Ricketts

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